20 Arguments For God’s Existence

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20 Arguments For God’s Existence is a restatement of pre-existing apologetics by Peter Kreeft. [1] The names of the arguments have been slightly modified to fit the conventions used on this wiki.

  1. The Argument from Change, or the unmoved mover argument
  2. The Argument from Efficient Causality, starts with the cosmological argument and ends with why is there something rather than nothing?
  3. The Argument from Time and Contingency, or simply the argument from contingency
  4. The argument from degrees of perfection
  5. The argument from design
  6. The Kalam Argument
  7. The Argument from contingency, or an ontologically flavoured cosmological argument
  8. The argument from the world as an interacting whole
  9. The Argument from miracles, including biblical miracles and miracle testimony
  10. The argument from consciousness
  11. The argument from truth or the transcendental argument
  12. The argument from the origin of the idea of God
  13. The ontological argument
  14. The moral argument
  15. The argument from conscience
  16. The argument from desire
  17. The argument from aesthetic experience
  18. The argument from religious experience, or the argument from personal experience
  19. The common consent argument, or the majority argument
  20. Pascal's Wager

To cap the collection of arguments is a cumulative case argument for God:

"We believe that only some of these arguments, taken individually and separately, demonstrate the existence of a being that has some of the properties only God can have (no argument proves all the divine attributes); but all twenty taken together, like twined rope, make a very strong case."