All religions are equally valid

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"Universal Religion is the acceptance of every religion as the path to the same Truth and the acceptance and tolerance of every religion as a true path for self-realization...[1]"
"It is possible to climb life’s mountain from any side, but when the top is reached the trails converge.[2]"

Counter arguments[edit]

"As long as a Christian believes that only his baptized brethren will be saved on the Day of Judgment, he cannot possibly "respect" the beliefs of theirs, for he knows that the flames of hell have been stoked by these very ideas and await their adherents even now."

Sam Harris, The End of Faith

Exclusive claims[edit]

Many religions make a claim they are exclusively true. They cannot be all correct, as this would give rise to a contradiction.

"Jesus does not allow you to say that he is an ‘equally valid’ route to God, along with any other system of belief. He gives you two options, you can believe he is the only way to know God, or you can believe he is wrong. If you think that all religions are equally valid, you believe the opposite of what Jesus taught. Therefore, you cannot include him, or Christianity, in your pool of religions that are ‘equally valid’. In fact, it is not just Christianity that makes exclusive statements, but all of the Abrahamic religions.[3]"
  1. All religions are true.
  2. Religion A is true
  3. Religion A says religion B is false
  4. Religion B is both true and false (contradiction)

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