Argument from naming

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"There are several arguments which may be advanced to support Islam’s claim to be the true religion of God. The following are only three of the most obvious. The first argument is based on the divine origin of the names of the religion and the comprehensiveness of its meaning. [...] The Arabic word “Islam” means the submission or surrender of one’s will to the only true God, known in Arabic as “Allah”. [...] Hence, Islam [is a] re-expression in its final form of the true religion of Almighty God, Allah, as it was originally revealed to Adam and subsequent prophets. [1]"

This is a jumble of an argument from scripture and the etymological fallacy.

Counter arguments[edit]

The meaning of words is not a valid basis for an argument for the truth of a religion. It directly commits the etymological fallacy.

The argument assumes that Allah named the religion, which is begging the question that he exists.