Argument from the foundation of reason

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The argument from the foundation of reason, also known as the argument from the unreasonableness of reason, combines a presuppositional-style attack on reason with the argument from the meaning of life.

"Reason is not separated from faith; reason is based upon faith.[1]"
"Reason presupposes the existence something more than just matter and energy – it actually presupposes God. [2]"

This is similar to presuppositional apologetics, which attacks the foundations of their opponents' belief systems, as well as openly presupposing the Bible, or some other scripture, is true.

The argument[edit]

  1. Reason is founded on faith (as well as science).
  2. Other beliefs founded on faith are equally valid.
  3. We need to believe in God to have meaningful and coherent lives.
  4. Belief in God using faith is justified.

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