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The Creation Science Movement is a UK organisation, which according to its website [1]:

". . .is the oldest creationist movement in the world; founded in 1932 as the Evolution Protest Movement by leading members of the Victoria Institute who were concerned at the scientific, ethical and theological consequences that belief in Evolution brings to society."

The organisation has charitable status (Charity no: 801745). According to financial statements submitted to the Charity Commission, its income exceeded expenditures for the past four years. The organisation claims to be part of the Evangelical Alliance [2].

The Creation Science Movement runs a Genesis Exhibition in the South Coast UK City of Portsmouth, which appears to promote the same themes as the USA Creation Science Museum, built by Ken Ham in Kentucky, including:

The impossibility of life forming from chemicals.
See Abiogenesis.
Chinese calligraphy refers back to Genesis.
Perhaps alluding to this article from "Answers in Genesis", which appears to imply that Chinese characters, made from a combination of other characters indicate a link to the Biblical god. For example, the symbol for "Tempter" is constructed from "Devil" (made from the symbols for "Secret", "Man", "Garden" and "Alive"), combined with the symbol for "Trees" and "Cover".
The present day forms remain unchanged from their fossil counterparts.
Evolution is not thought to be a ladder, so whilst some species will have evolved, others will have remained almost unchanged, therefore any species which has changed will not have an unchanged fossil. See Gaps in the fossil record.
Geological sediments are laid down rapidly.
See the article on Noah's ark.
A study of genetics shows that all humanity came from one man and one woman.
Perhaps a misunderstanding of the concepts of Mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosomal Adam. These are the terms given to the matrilineal and patrilinieal most recent common ancestors of present-day humanity. It should be noted that m-Eve lived approximately 140,000 years ago, while y-Adam lived only 60,000 years ago, so while the terms borrow the biblical names, the actual concept has nothing to do with the stories in Genesis.