Criticizing religious belief is intolerant

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Some apologists argue that criticizing their religious beliefs is intolerant.

"It merely displays intolerance and arrogance to criticize beliefs.[1]"
"[After criticizing Saudi Arabia's school text books,] We were the intolerant ones, they said. Our impertinent questions were proof. How dare we question their cultural and religious traditions? Any suggestion that their textbooks smacked of bigotry was an affront to their sovereignty and a form of religious intolerance.[2]"
"[Non-Christian liberals] stand on the platform of acceptance and religious freedom, while judging and attacking me because they disagree with what I believe.[3]"

Supporting arguments[edit]

Identity cannot be separated from belief[edit]

If a person's identity is strongly associated with their specific beliefs, such has "I am a Christian", it is arguable that criticism of the idea can be taken as an attack on the believer.

Counter arguments[edit]

Criticism of ideas and intolerance of people are separate[edit]

"My criticism of Islam is a criticism of beliefs and their consequences—but my fellow liberals reflexively view it as an expression of intolerance toward people."

Sam Harris[4]

Racists criticize religious belief[edit]

Racists often criticize the religious beliefs of disliked minority groups. However, using that as a basis to then claim criticizing religion is a sign of racism is affirming the consequent. Not all people who criticize religious belief are racists.

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