Evidence for the existence of Satan

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"Why do I believe in the devil? For three reasons. 1. Because the Bible plainly says he exists. 2. Because I see his work everywhere. 3. Because great scholars have recognized his existence."

Billy Graham

Biblical arguments[edit]

Satan's works[edit]

Atheists are helped by Satan[edit]

A rather imaginative argument is based on atheists and their secular agenda: [1]

  • Proselytizing requires external encouragement
  • Atheists proselytize
  • God is not encouraging atheists to proselytize
  • The only explanation is Satan is encouraging atheists to proselytize
  • Satan exists

Great scholars believed in Satan[edit]

Other religions believe in a powerful demonic force[edit]

Possession and personal experience[edit]

"The devil does not have a body, a color, or a visual form, nor does he have horns, wings or a tail. He is an invisible, bodiless entity. [...] I would be lying if I did not acknowledge that I felt that evil presence in an intense and powerful way. [...] Although we tend to speak of the demon, in reality there are many demons, each one is different, but there is one who is head over all the demons, the most powerful one: Satan [2]"

Satan is more effective when concealed[edit]



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