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Freethought is the philosophical belief that opinions should be formed by the use of logic, reason and scientific inquiry alone, with no influence of religion, authority, or Dogma.

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Rationalist Ideas   Reason · Fundamental rights · Evidence · Freethought
History of rationalism   Pythagoras · Plato · Aristotle · Socrates · Avicenna · Maimonides · St. Thomas Aquinas · René Descartes · Baruch Spinoza · Gottfried Leibniz · Immanuel Kant · Søren Kierkegaard
Notable rationalists   Emile Zola · Bertrand Russell · George Eliot · E.M. Forster · Prabir Ghosh · Joseph Edamaruku · Narendra Dabholkar
Rationalist organizations   Rationalist Press Association ·