God agrees with me

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Within Christianity, both sides of the homosexuality debate claim Jesus is on their side.

God agrees with me is the name of a cognitive bias for people to imagine God having the same opinions as themselves. It is a form of confirmation bias. It was documented in a scientific study by Nicholas Epley et al. titled Believers’ estimates of God’s beliefs are more egocentric than estimates of other people’s beliefs. [1] Interesting, functional MRI scans of the brain show that believers use the same areas of the brain when thinking about either God's or their own beliefs. Peoples view of God may be largely an echo chamber of their own views:

"Although people obviously acquire religious beliefs from a variety of external sources, from parents to broader cultural influences, these data suggest that the self may serve as an important source of religious beliefs as well."

The authors suggest this is further re-enforced by people seeking the company of like minded individuals.


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