God should be worshipped

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A priori argument[edit]

God created everything[edit]

"God is worthy of worship because He is in every created thing. [1]"
"The most basic answer is that He is the great and powerful Creator and we, the insignificant and weak creation. Therefore, we humble ourselves and submit. [2]"

God is perfect[edit]

Perfect, or other attributes such as "forgiving", "perfect", "just", etc.

Only God is worthy[edit]

"The Bible tells us Jesus is worthy of worship [3]"

If we mean worthy as in the descriptive statement "God is a suitable object of worship" then it does not follow that we should worship him.

If we mean worthy as in prescriptive statement "God deserves to be worshiped", then this is begging the question as to why we should worship god. We can simply ask "why does God deserve to be worshiped?"

God demands worship[edit]

"These two verses clearly establish the most basic element of why we must worship God: because He commands it! [2]"

A pragmatist might say that God demands worship. [4] We can then ask why God should be obeyed?

If God is a being the demands worship and sends those who do not to hell, the argument is Pascal's wager.

It benefits the worshiper[edit]



Counter arguments[edit]

God is extremely vain and jealous[edit]

"Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God."

Exodus 34:14 Bible-icon.png
"First off, just because something is wrong for us, doesn't mean it is wrong for God. [6]"

Worship degrades the worshiper[edit]


Some believers convince themselves and others that everyone is an inherently unworthy monster not deserving of anything good. They consider this self-vilification, absence of self-worth and blind devotion to a god ideal and right for all.