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Young earth creationists sometimes argue that humans are biologically unrelated to all other animals. The Genesis creation story is sometimes referenced, with beasts and humans being created separately Genesis 1:24-26 Bible-icon.png. The concept is sometimes stated as I am not descended from monkeys!.

"None of the ape fossils shows enough specific human features for evolutionists to say without doubt that this is the point where an ape turned human, and none of the human fossils shows enough specific ape characteristics to indicate that they have actually evolved from apes. [...] We believe that Homo ergaster, Homo erectus, Homo heidelbergensis, and Homo neanderthalensis were simply racial variants of modern humans and, like all humans, were descended from Adam and Eve. [1]"
"Man is not the descendant of monkey is a true statement that liberal academia refuses to adhere to. They falsely prefer to interpret man through an evolution stage, beast to man. In addition, they wrongly assert biology as proof of 'Mankind from beast' nonsense. They cling to the dishonest notions developed by Charles Darwin.[2]"
"This theory which was introduced by Darwin is proven to be a lie, for modern humans originated from a human ancestry, not from an ape or anything else. Allah created our father Adam (peace be upon him) from clay.[3]"
"Homo sapien himself appears quite suddenly on the scene, fully equipped with attributes no ape even begins to possess. You have a free will and a conscience. You have language and art-making abilities. Apes do not. [4]"

Wilberforce and Huxley[edit]

According to one account, Wilberforce famously referred to common descent in an ad hominem against Thomas Henry Huxley:

"[Wilberforce] begged to know, was it through his grandfather or his grandmother that he claimed his descent from a monkey? On this Mr Huxley slowly and deliberately arose. A slight tall figure stern and pale, very quiet and very grave, he stood before us, and spoke those tremendous words - words which no one seems sure of now, nor I think, could remember just after they were spoken, for their meaning took away our breath, though it left us in no doubt as to what it was. He was not ashamed to have a monkey for his ancestor; but he would be ashamed to be connected with a man who used great gifts to obscure the truth. [5]"

However, other accounts of the debate are similar but rather less dramatic. [6]

Alleged moral implications[edit]

"For if there is no God and humans have evolved from the slime, then we have no higher moral status than slime because there is nothing beyond us to instill us with objective morality or dignity.[7]"

However, we can have non-absolute morality or dignity.

Perhaps absolute morality exists independently of God?

Counter arguments[edit]

Creationists claims are contrary to the mainstream scientific view of evolution and common descent. There is ample evidence that supports these theories.

  • genetic evidence that humans and other apes are extremely similar have have a shared heritage. [8]
  • fossil record shows transitional fossils,
  • similar physiology, such bone structures and organs. Drugs intended for humans are tested on animals because they are so similar!
  • similar psychology, such as emotions, need for sleep, etc,
  • similar method of reproduction,
  • evolution provides an explanation of the diversity of species, has an enormous amount of evidence to support it and is based on common descent,
  • elephants mourning the death of group members. They show respect and fascination for elephant bones. Dolphins also may have ritual behaviours for death, [9]
  • possible signs of ritualistic behavior in other primates. [10]
  • moral behavior in non-human animals.

There is a gradual transition between humans and other hominids. [8]


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