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Welcome to Religions Wiki! This is a counter-apologetics wiki that is meant to provide a thorough resource for responding to theistic arguments. For Christian apologists, the Bible is the word of God and serves as the foundation for most of their arguments. While believers hold differing opinions on proper exegetic practices, most believers assert that the Bible is generally accurate and reliable in theme and history.

The editors and contributors at this wiki are convinced that logic, reason, skepticism, critical thought, and scientific investigation are the modern equivalent of Iron Chariots. No god hypotheses, pseudoscientific theories or supernatural claims have been able to withstand even casual examination.

"I think the best way to fall on the infamous [l'infâme meant the Church for Voltaire] is to seem to have no wish to attack it; to disentangle a little chaos of antiquity; to try to make these things rather interesting: to make ancient history as agreeable as possible; to show how much we have been misled in all things; to demonstrate how much is modern in all things thought to be ancient, and how ridiculous are many things alleged to be respectable; to let the reader draw his own conclusions."


Iron Chariots[edit]

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Religions Wiki is a fork of the Iron Chariots wiki and content is reused here under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license. See the copyrights page for further information.

Point of view[edit]

Web site is written from a skeptical point of view (which makes it effectively atheist). Editing is for members only, members are screened, and if you're not interested in helping to promote the Evil Atheist Conspiracy™ then this wiki is not for you. New users should take a look at our editing guidelines and our version of "neutral point of view" for more help in creating and editing articles.

Other than that, be welcome and feel free to browse!

Religions Wiki currently has 1,465 articles.