Population growth disproves evolution

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Creationists argue that humans cannot have existed for hundreds of thousands of years because it would result in a much larger population than we currently observe. Therefore, humans can only have existed for a short time and evolution is impossible.

"But there is an even greater inconsistency in evolutionary thinking relative to population. The same population statistics which supposedly presage a serious population problem in the future also indicate a very recent origin of man in the past, and therefore a special divine purpose for man in the future. To illustrate the problem, assume that the human population increases geometrically. That is, the increase each year is equal to a constant proportion of the population the previous year.[1]"

Counter arguments[edit]

The argument assumes a constant rate of growth, which is almost certainly false. The availability of food, changing diets, wars, disease epidemics, cultural practices and the development of medicine all directly affect the rate of population growth. The rate of growth has been seen to vary in modern times, so it is difficult to argue it is constant throughout history (and pre-history).

Even if evolution was disproved, claiming this supports the Biblical account is a false dichotomy.


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