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Religions Wiki is intended to provide information on apologetics and counter-apologetics. We'll be collecting common arguments and providing responses, information and resources to help counter the glut of misinformation and poor arguments which masquerade as evidence for religious claims.

Of primary importance:

Of secondary importance:

  • Religions and their holy books
  • Notable apologists and counter-apologists
  • Notable apologetic and counter-apologists books
  • Religions' position and arguments on issues in the culture wars
  • Scientific concepts disputed by apologists

Our ultimate goal is to provide a robust and definitive resource for:

  • atheists seeking responses to common apologetic arguments
  • theists who are questioning the efficacy of their beliefs
  • apologists who feel that their "pet" argument is above reproach
  • individuals of any philosophical ideal who have an interest in religious studies

Regarding biographies, a summary of a person's beliefs with links is helpful. However, the detail of peoples' arguments and beliefs belong on the article page dedicated to that concept, rather than on a biographical page. Please avoid having biographical or book pages that are excessively long or filled with trivial details.

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