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This page is intended to provide a focus point for categorization efforts on this wiki — that is, efforts to develop and implement guidelines related to the creation and maintenance of categories. Please discuss any relevant issues on the talk page first, then transfer guidelines to this page when a consensus has been reached.

Basic philosophy[edit]

The special [[Category:]] tag mechanism of the MediaWiki software provides for a "bottom-up" approach to page classification. This is in contrast to the "top-down" approach provided by the construction of "index" or "topic" pages (pages whose main purpose is to link to other articles). Both approaches are useful and can coexist on a wiki.

Viewing the current categories[edit]

The current category structure can be browsed beginning at Category:Browse categories. An alphabetical list of categories actually in use (regardless of whether wiki pages for them exist) is available at Special:Categories. See Project:Searching for other ways of searching and browsing the categories.

Category policies[edit]

See Wikipedia:Categorization for an idea of some of the issues that might arise and their possible solutions.

Naming of categories[edit]

One convention that has already seen wide use is the following: