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Ray Comfort
Ray Comfort
Born:  December 5, 1949, New Zealand
Residence:  Bellflower, California, USA
Occupation:  Evangelist, Apologist
Religion:  Evangelical Christian
Living waters ministries
Atheist central blog

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Background on the person. When they were born? Where they grew up? Where are they now? Who did they married? Do they have children? etc.


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Professional life[edit]

What is their chosen profession? Scientist? Apologist? Both? What institutions are they affiliated with reliant or peripherally reliant to this wiki?

Religious affiliations[edit]

Church or science institution[edit]

What is their religious stance and affiliated institution? What is there roll at this institution? Are they a minister at a mega-church? Are they a fellow at the DiscoveryInstitute? Or are they a professor of evolutionary biology at morris Minnesota University?

Notable works[edit]

What are their notable works? Apologetics? Counter-apologetics? Scientific theory? Humanitarian work?

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