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You know that thing on Wikipedia about having a neutral point of view? Well forget all about that. This is an atheist wiki: of, by, and for atheists. Its intent is to promote robust atheist arguments and counter-apologetics.

We're not just about spouting off competing opinions. We're here to analyze and respond to issues fairly, and often there is no reason to remain neutral. This site will have an inherent bias toward truth, honesty, reason and reality. We will try to fairly present the best examples of opposing arguments if any exist.

Fixing flawed articles is at the discretion of all members. However, the site admins reserve the right to make executive decisions on whether an article adheres to our standards or not, and we will be the final arbiters on this matter. Rarely, we will revoke memberships of repeat offenders. Sorry, but if you don't like this position then edit Wikipedia instead of Religions Wiki.

Religions Wiki's Point of View[edit]

Ask any atheist what "the atheist viewpoint" on a particular subject is, and they will probably tell you that there isn't any such thing. Atheism is not a unified world view; it is a stance on one single issue: disbelief in gods. Every other position is open for discussion, and atheist opinions on any other subject range all over the place. One can be an apatheist or a Raelian and still technically be considered an atheist.

A "purely atheist" site would stop at the first line of the Main Page. (Visit The Official God FAQ for an example of a pure atheist publication.)

Religions Wiki is not a purely atheist site. Our focus is on counter-apologetics, and we assume that our audience is the type of person that is interested in that subject. It is further assumed that our editors will have most of the following traits:

If atheists and secularists meeting those conditions are strongly divided on an issue, the associated article should mention this and try to provide arguments for and against each position. Acknowledging disagreement among atheists should not be treated as threatening, since we are opposed to dogma.