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[[Biblegatewaykjv:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] Bible-icon.png


This template creates a link to a Bible passage in the King James Version at BibleGateway.com. It is intended to be used for Bible citations in running text (as opposed to appearing as an isolated reference at the beginning or end of an article, like Template:Stub or Template:Wikipedia).


  • {{Bible|Book}} — in this case, consider using [[Book]] instead
  • {{Bible|Book chapter}}
  • {{Bible|Book chapter:verse}}

Ranges of chapters or verses can be given using hyphens or en-dashes:

  • {{Bible|Book chapter1-chapter2}}
  • {{Bible|Book chapter1chapter2}}
  • {{Bible|Book chapter:verse1-verse2}}
  • {{Bible|Book chapter:verse1verse2}}

Finally, all forms above can be used in "piped" links, as well. For example:

  • {{Bible|Book chapter:verse|link text}}

Note that all the different formats for specifying chapters and verses work because of parsing at BibleGateway.com, not because of any sophistication on the part of this template. See their website for additional information.


Use the last form only when the context makes it very clear what passage you're linking to.

When referring to an entire book of the Bible, it is unlikely that a link to the entire text of that book is necessary. Please link instead to our article about the book: