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Template Overview[edit]

This template is a for biographical information to be displayed on Biography pages

Example Usage[edit]


|name=Ray Comfort 

|born=December 5, 1949, New Zealand
|residence=Bellflower, California, USA
|occupation=Evangelist, apologist
|religion=Evangelical Christian

[http://www.livingwaters.com/ Living waters ministries]<br>[http://raycomfortfood.blogspot.com/ Atheist central blog]


Variable Usesage[edit]

  • name= Name of the individual
  • titlestyle= Variable controls the css colour and text style for the title bar. Default background colour is set to #C6C6C6.
  • image= image of the individual

  • born= Individuals birth date and place.
  • died= Individuals death date and place.
  • residence= Individuals current place or residence.
  • education= Individuals education and credentials.
  • occupation= Individuals occupation.
  • religion= Individuals religious denominations.
  • affiliations= Individuals church, business, university affiliations.

  • websites= Individuals website or blog. Separate with html line brake