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[[Template:{{{name}}}|v]] · [[Template_talk:{{{name}}}|d]] Navboxsimple

Template Overview[edit]

This template is a simplified version of the Navbox for the purpose of nesting the regular Navbox into master categories.

Example Usage[edit]

{{Navboxsimple|name = Logical fallacies
|titlestyle = background:#C7FFB7;
|title=[[Logical fallacies]]

|list={{Formal fallacies|borderstyle=}} {{Faulty generalisations|borderstyle=}} {{False relevance|borderstyle=}}


Variable Usesage[edit]

name= It is important this variable perfectly mirrors the template name for the links in the top left of the title bar to function correctly.

titlestyle= Variable controls the css colour and text style for the title bar. Default background colour is set to #d6d6ff.

title= This is the title for the Navboxsimple displayed in the title bar.

list1= List of articles to go in this category. Wiki text formatting should be done in this variable.