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About me[edit]

For some unknown reason was unable to log into the discussion forum to properly introduce myself (perhaps someone up there is screwing with me... JK), so I will leave short introduction on here.

I am an atheist. I was "born again" at age seven, but discarded by faith around age 18. I came to the conclusion that christianity was false and convinced that religion is harmful. I am pro-science and a secularist. I am also a Jesus Mythicist, I am a history major and have looked for four to five years for evidence for Jesus but have not found anything. I have been very open about my atheism and speak out whenever I can, either on the internet or in public. I have been a long time fan of the Atheist Experience, and I deeply appreciate their work. I wish I had a similar job as they do, nothing would make me happier to help the rational cause.

I found this site through watching the Atheist Experience and I have loved it since. I am experienced on RationalWiki, I have created a few articles there contributing to reason and rational thought. I look forward to being a big help here on Iron Chariots as much as I can.

My Work[edit]

On Iron Chariots, as well as RationalWiki, I have developed a reputation as being a bookworm. I seem to have been building a reputation as the guy who reviews tons of books. That is fine with me, as a history major I spend a great deal of time in libraries. Yes, I review books containing pseudoscience or creationism and refute the @&%$ out of them. I am also know to be passively active against Ray Comfort and Way of the Master, but I also keep an eye on other creatards (such as Lee Strobel).

I tend to focus on Ray Comfort more on IronChariots than on RationalWiki. Perhaps that is because IronChariots allows me to watch and critique the Way of the Master shows. I have critiqued all the ones done so far (except for episodes: Evolution, Atheism, Satanism, and Firefighter). It is a lot of work, and I enjoy doing it. However, I would ask for a bit of help - feel free to start a critique of any of the untouched episodes.

Articles I created