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Current activity[edit]

At the moment I'm looking through the navigational templates to check if I can improve the structure of the site, and along the way making little corrections if I think I can make a difference.

Beyond that I would like to start a discussion about the future direction of Religions Wiki.

My bio[edit]

At an early age my education was in the hands of the Jesuits -- I entered their care an experimental pagan and left as a committed atheist. Since then I have acquired somewhat impractical degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy, and worked variously as a computer programmer, trainer and political activist. I have also made my small personal contribution to the gene pool of future humanity.

I have always nursed a strange fascination for religious thinking and the hold it can have over people. That is why I am here. For my own curiosity I have studied religious literature and teachings, and held many in-depth discussions with believers of different faiths. While trying to remain open to their arguments, nothing I have encountered has shaken my confidence that the best way to find out facts about the world is through critical examination and the scientific method.