You can't see the wind

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For more information, see the Atheist Debates video on Arguments from Wind and Love.
"Atheists, I'm having some difficulty here. You guys claim that wind exists, even though I've never seen it in my life. Can you prove to me that wind exists??? How do you know it exists?[1]"
"How many of you have ever seen the wind? That was a trick question! No one has seen the wind. You can't see the wind because it is invisible. Well, if you can't see the wind, how do you know that it is there? [...] How many of you have ever seen God? The Bible says that no one has seen God. Well if we haven't seen him, how do we know he is there? I think we can know that he is there the same way we know the wind is there.[2]"
  • You believe the wind exists
  • You can't see the wind
  • Therefore, belief in God is justified

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