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21 June 2020

Some books have been highly influential in the debate around apologetics:

13th Aug 2018

The case for the non-existence of God:

9th July 2016

21st Feb 2016

8th Apr 2015

11th Aug 2014

  • Presuppositional apologetics is a family of arguments for the existence of God. It mainly relies on unsupported assumptions and often involves the apologist attempting to undermine an atheist's "knowledge" and world view.
  • Sharia law is the religious law expressed by the Qur'an and followed by many Muslims. It may have been typical for the 7th century CE but now hardly fit for purpose.
  • How can finite phenomena prove an infinite God? is a philosophical challenge to apologists that points out that no amount of finite phenomena could possibly establish their conclusion of an infinite God.

2nd Jun 2014

21st Apr 2014

9th Apr 2014

  • Ray Comfort is a Christian apologist and creationist, known for his imaginative arguments that are of questionable validity.
  • The Ultimate 747 gambit is an argument against "God" an explanation for "improbable" occurrences, such as the current universe occurring by chance. The argument is often misunderstood and misquoted by supporters and critics.
  • It is common for apologists, commentators and politicians to claim that "America is a Christian nation". This article analyses the basis for that claim.
  • Following from the recent Noah movie, Noah's ark is an appealing if improbable story.