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===Counter arguments against subjectivism===
===Counter arguments against subjectivism===
Christian apologists often criticism subjective morality for not providing any limit to what could be considered moral:
{{quote-source| 'But what will become of men then?' I asked him, 'without God and immortal life? All things are permitted then, they can do what they like?' |Dostoyevsky's ''The Brothers Karamazov''}}
{{quote|The fact of the matter is if morality is purely subjective, then you have absolutely nothing from stopping anybody from being a subjective moralist, to choose to just [kill you] and say 'that's my answer'. How do you stop that?<ref>[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0218GkAGbnU]</ref>}}
Of course, this is an [[appeal to consequences]].
==Intuitive morality==
==Intuitive morality==

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