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Tithing is the practice of regular donation from personal income. It is practiced by various religions.

  • 10% of income is often quoted as the proportion to give by some Christian denominations, [1] although it is unclear if it should be applied to net or gross income. It is also sometimes considered as a recommended minimum.
  • about 23% as a minimum is the rate of various tithes in the Old Testament. [2]

While some Christian denominations practice tithing, many Christians disagree that tithing is necessary.[3][2] Some Christian churches consider tithing to be replaced by "whatever you can afford" from 2 Corinthians 9:5-8 Bible-icon.png. This might be a case of selective use of Old Testament law.

Arguments for tithing[edit]

  • an act of worship [1]
  • reminder of dependence on God [1]
  • maintain church buildings
  • its God's money anyway, keeping it is stealing [4]
  • investment for the future i.e. to "store up treasures in heaven"
"[...] any church or ministry who does not teach God's Plan of Bible tithing is not of God and is not a legitimate church or ministry[...][4]"

Sciptural basis[edit]

Lev. 27:30 Bible-icon.png Matt 23:23 Bible-icon.png 1 Cor 9:14 Bible-icon.png

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